Station Casinos Launch New STN Sports Mobile Betting App

Station Casinos is making quick market growth with its latest mobile betting app named STN Sports. The app comes with perks like better prices and an expanded menu. It will also allow bettors promotion under the supervision of Jason McCormick, Station Casinos’ new sportsbook VP.

Jason has previously worked with the Red Rock Resort as a sportsbook director. Station Casinos filed Art Manteris’ position in the company in May with Jason. Art served Station Casinos for 43 years as a Vice President for sportsbooks.

Jason commented on the situation, saying it feels like replacing Mike Krzyzewski. Art is a living legend and a Hall of Famer in the sector. Filling Art’s shoes is an honor, added McCormick.

Chuck Esposito. Former sportsbook director at Sunset Station is now acting as Red Rock Resort’s new sportsbook director. On the other hand, Jason Simbal is filling the director’s role in the latest mobile betting app. In addition, Station Casinos has appointed Bert Cirincione as STN Sports’ director of retail operations.

Jason believes the latest betting app is faster and easier to use. It also comes with enhanced features, offering an in-game wagering experience with a scoreboard, ball’s location, and digital play-by-play statistics. Users will also experience new betting features like over-under totals for every game, pitching and batting props, the option to buy two points on the side, and every basketball and football game.

Station Casinos is investing immense efforts to deliver an expanded menu to the audience. The app will offer more props than in the history of Station Casinos. The sportsbook posted NFL’s regular-season props on rushing, passing, and receiving leaders. It also added a player prop for the touchdown passes made by Aaron Rodgers.

The sportsbook uses the penny line for baseball games, and Jason believes it will help bettors assess monkey-line splits in higher limits and football games. Seeing a +250 and -330 split is normal, but the 80-cent split can shorten up quickly. The region offers several promising sportsbooks, and Station Casinos is trying to put everyone on the same ground. If the company can offer convenience and competition with an app, it works out well for everyone.

Station Casinos recently celebrated its 45th anniversary in the state. It even added over 55 self-service sports betting operations across 14 sportsbooks in the region.

The latest mobile betting app will allow bettors to earn 500 dollars through the signup promotion till October 31st. For example, if a user deposits 500 dollars and wagers 5,000 dollars, they can earn 500 dollars or 10% of the original deposit.

Bettors should note that wagering the complete amount is not necessary to earn cashback. The 10% rule will apply to any wagered amount, but the more users bet, the more cashback they can earn. With such perks on offer, the app will surely be an instant hit. 

Joseph Watkins is an avid gambler and also contributes the in-depth & most recent Las Vegas casino news stories. He joins as a news-editor recently with almost two years of experience in sports news writing.

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