US Integrity Receives Investment From Las Vegas Sands for Protection of the Betting Market

Sports Betting attracts thousands of people to place a wager on a particular sporting outcome. Participants have the liberty to choose their desirable league and matches. It is recommended that they have at least basic knowledge about the sport they are placing their bet on.

What has taken its popularity up the chart is many platforms knocking on the internet door, allowing users to register and engage from anywhere they want. According to estimates, the Sports Betting market will grow by $106.25 billion between 2020 and 2025.

Sands Invests In Integrity

As the Sports Betting market grows, it will host more participants. The increase in participants will lead to higher chances of experiencing suspicious betting behavior.

US Integrity, in particular, has been keeping an eye on such activities. To handle the growing traffic, it sought investment from Las Vegas Sands and recently closed the financial agreement. Details of the agreement have not been revealed, but surely, the investment would be directed to enhance US Integrity’s capabilities.

US Integrity will better monitor betting activities and raise a flag when something unusual happens in the network through the enhanced capabilities. A safer mechanism that will make all of this possible is underway.

Matthew Holt, the Chief Executive Officer of US Integrity, said that the investment would help the company expand its capabilities and develop innovative products & services. Matthew Holt added that the investment would also enable the company to bring transparency and peace of mind to the growing number of clients.

US Integrity has received generous assistance to achieve its objectives of making the sports betting industry a safer place before. US Integrity had earlier partnered with Colorado University, Betfred, and Amelco to exchange technical know-how and work on test solutions.

The company has specifically curated investment offered by Las Vegas Sands to assist US Integrity.

When writing this article, US Integrity is known to have teamed up with several brands, including the likes of FireKeepers Casino & Hotel and Daily Racing Form Sportsbook. US Integrity currently serves college sports leagues like BIG 12, PAC 12, and SEC, some of the most-watched and most-bet-on organizations.

The ultimate goal is to tackle the problem of betting manipulation, something with which the United States of America has been suffering for a long time. The American Gaming Association had raised concerns with the Federal Government earlier, requesting the Government to take action against illegal gambling operators known to play a bigger role in Sports Betting manipulation.

Laws are in the pipeline, with 33 states and the District of Columbia have passed the betting laws. Almost all the major regions have already enacted those laws.

As the time passes, more regions will look to enact these laws and help make the Sports Betting market a safer place until mechanisms by firms like US Integrity are deployed.

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