Watch Out for Mega Flash to Get a 1000X Thunderpick Promo

Thunderpick has announced a casino promo called Mega Flash that rewards players a multiplier of a thousand on winning or losing tickets depending on the amount that was waged at the time of the appearance of the promo.

Mega Flash started on August 22, 2022 (CET). It ends on August 30, 2022 (CET). Mega Flash can trigger at any time and in any number. This means the promo can flash any number of times during the promotional period. Players only have to place bets when the promo flashes.

Games eligible for Mega Flash promotion are Book of Demi Gods 2, Book of Rebirth, Goddess of Lotus, and Egyptian Rebirth.

Players can bet on any of the games mentioned above while keeping an eye out for the promo to flash. The promo flashes randomly and could always be on the next turn.

The reward will be given to a player based on the bet they placed when the promo was triggered. There is no limitation on the amount that can be won or waged in the games, and mega Flash can trigger on a winning ticket and losing ticket.

While all of it sounds exciting, it is recommended that players place bets responsibly so that huge amounts are not drained away from the pocket. It is all about experience and luck; gain experience and let luck speak for itself.

Thunderpick, a betting platform, aims to make the placement of a bet a gamelike experience. The team behind the platform aspires to be the most relevant and updated.

Community plays a very important role in the success of a game or the platform. Therefore, ventures must not hamper their sentiments and keep a responsible mindset while functioning. Thunderpick understands this and looks to maintain a community most healthily.

The plan is to deliver games of various categories with many betting options. Thunderpick tries its best to reward as many players as possible as winning tops everything to make the excitement worth sharing with others. Betting options allow players to choose the one that suits them the best.

Anyone above 18 years can register on the platform with an email id or other available options. A verification email is sent to confirm the account before allowing the user to proceed on the platform. Deposits can be made with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Thunderpick complies with AML regulations and seeks players to bet at least 100% of the deposit value to withdraw from the account. The idea is to prevent the platform from being used for trading purposes. One player can create only one account and can never change or cancel the bet once placed.

All these terms and conditions apply in a general sense and during all the promotional periods, including Mega Flash.

Scott Mitchell has done his bachelor's degree in journalism. He has also worked for many poker industries as a news editor and has excellent knowledge about casino games. He likes to play casino games and share his experience on social media.

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