What Do You Need to Create Your Own Crypto Faucet?


When it comes to cryptocurrencies, many users have been attracted to them due to their unique features, and many shortcomings of fiat transactions have been successfully overcome by them. Many promotional activities are being carried out due to many reasons: it is not much reachable to the common public, many still skip them and adopt fiat transactions, and due to crypto disadvantages. The cons could be cybersecurity issues, price volatility, regulations, and much more. As said earlier, there have been many promotional activities taking place to make the crypto user community grow more, and one such is the crypto faucet.

In this article, I would like to discuss how to create your faucet and how to earn from it. 

How To Make Your Own Faucet?

Before knowing how to make your faucet, let us have a quick look at what does crypto faucet means?

Crypto faucet offers a way to get cryptos for free, with a zero capital investment option. All you need to do is complete the assigned task, whereas the task could be like completing the captcha, playing a game, solving the presented puzzle, etc., you would be rewarded with a tiny fraction of cryptos as a reward. 

There are loads of tools available to make your crypto faucet more easily. 

  • Turnkey bitcoin faucet: Your website will be all set and hosted for your convenience, and you can even change the settings according to your preference. 
  • Build your website: Building your own entirely independent casino site is the greatest option if you are capable of doing it. You may entirely benefit from the faucet this way.

What you need to create your own Crypto Faucet

It is easy to create your crypto faucet, and the list of requirements have been mentioned below:

  • Domain
    The domain is nothing but the brand, name, or the URL of your particular site, and it should be unique and it should describe what the website function is. So, you need to register a domain and place your faucet to get started. You can either opt for a free domain or paid domain.
  • Hosting
    Hosting is highly essential to make your domain searchable and to start accepting visitors. A few types of web hosting are:
    1. Shared hosting
    2. Free hosting
    3. Dedicated hosting
    4. Cloud hosting
    5. Reseller hosting
  • WordPress
    These are the fundamental stages; if you don’t know how to install WordPress, don’t worry; most hosting websites provide this option simply straight away.
  • WordPress Faucet Plugin
    Go to Plug-ins and you have to select the option to add new, then search for the faucet crypto plug-in, download it, and then you can easily activate it.

How to Set up your own Crypto Faucet

After downloading your WordPress faucet plugin, upload it in the admin panel of your WordPress. To receive your faucet API, visit the faucet owner dashboard and add your faucet. Paste your API from the configuration in your WordPress admin panel. Click faucet>general>claim to add the referral commission and payout timer. Click the security option to limit claims by users per day. In faucet>currencies>BTC you can set up the currency that you wish to use for a transaction. 

How do Faucet Owners earn from Crypto Faucet?

The advertisement displayed on websites, downloads from app stores, and ads viewed on mobile apps are how the owners of these faucets generate money. They also use affiliate marketing to profit from the countless daily visitors to their mobile apps and websites.

How to get Traffic for your Crypto Faucet?

There are various ways to get traffic to add more users to your crypto faucets and a few are mentioned below:

Use social media, crypto Forums, and altcoin discussion boards to promote your faucet. You have a good probability of getting a lot of users if it’s a crypto-related site. Contact the owner of the faucet list to get your faucet included in their list. You can generally contact the owner of the faucet list through a crypto forum or directly through their website.


You can use the advertisement option on your faucet site as it is one of the most used ways to earn free money with your faucet page. Many faucets now offer a mobile version, which is incredibly useful because it allows you to continue earning even while you are away from home or engaged in other activities.

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