Wien Loses Half His Stack to Re-Enter the Game Later

Jeremy Wien questioned if the opponent had better cards or the same ones before turning over his cards. The opponent appreciated the move before going all-in before doubling Jeremy Wien to increase the point by 1,370,000.

It began with the opponent gunning 40,000 and Jeremy Wien betting to 130,000. The call was made to deliver a flop; however, Jeremy Wien continued to bet 105,000, followed by 180,000. Another call from the opponent was the last move before Jeremy Wien left 500,000 to bet for 260,000.

A small deliberation came to play with the result of going all in. Words thrown by Wien were this is so sick. He questioned if the other hand has a similar queen and jack combination with a diamond. He ended up going out, knowing it was time as he had to go out one way or another.

That turned out to be the point for the opponent to reveal how awesome that move was as it doubled him up fully. Not everyone met the same fate. Toby Lewis went against Joe Altman only to get cut off along with three more players who went flop. Termed as an early position player, his elimination was quite a shock.

Poker is filled with twists with plates leaving unexpectedly amid the low surety of who has the best card in their hands. Altman made the final call after Lewis went all for roughly 1,000,000 in response to Altman’s bet of 350,000. Altman’s flop quad paid off as the set on the hands of Lewis was no good a match on the table.

Losing everything to Toby Lewis gave Joseph Altman the up of 2,373,000, taking his total figure to 2,750,000. Another instance where tides turned unexpectedly was when Allen doubled as the Day 4 came close to the end. The early position raised 40,000, and the action slipped back to the initial raiser after the player went all in.

Cards went to the table after Allen called off his stack of 825,000. He earned a double up at late night, close to the end to up the hand by 300,000 for the total of 1,700,000.

Cedrric Trevino went up to 2,000,000 with 330,000 added to his hand. His opponent shrugged, calling it a nice hand, and handed over the addition for a perfect total figure. Trevino thought before calling for the second pair, unaware that it would eventually come to his side.

However, he is still behind Zilong Zhang, up by 645,000 for a total of 2,920,000. He crossed the mark on the PokerGo stream with a lot of action against Dan Smith, who went down by 630,000, bidding farewell to the 2 million clubs.

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