Fifth Street Gaming Collaborates with Ojos Locos in Vegas

Ojos Locos is collaborating with Fifth Street Gaming to enter Las Vegas. Fifth Street Gaming is rebranding and renovating Lucky Club Hotel & Casino, which is expected to conclude by December 2022.

Fifth Street Gaming is bringing a brand that is well known for its restaurant business; however, the twist is that Ojos Locos is entering with the side of gambling and entertainment options.

While it is clear what exact changes the premise will go through under the renovation program, it is unclear if the entire property will carry the branding of Ojos Loco. The surety is that post completion of the project, the premise will have the largest and first-ever Ojos Loco restaurant in Nevada.

Fifth Street Gaming has announced that it will stick to the Latin theme that Ojos Loco has popularized.

Additionally, Fifth Street Gaming has committed to dedicating 10,000 sq feet of space towards casino games and an equal amount of space for indoor & outdoor entertainment venues. Through this collaboration, Fifth Street Gaming is eyeing to embrace the rising Latino culture by adapting systems like broadcasts of soccer matches in the Spanish language.

If statistics are to be believed, then the collaboration may favor Fifth Street Gaming. The Latino community is the second-fastest-growing community in the United States of America, with over 29% of the population expected to represent the entire country by 2060.

Studies show that failing to market a brand to the Latino community could fail the brand.

Seth Schorr, the Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Street Gaming, did not directly address the issue, but he stated that they were gratified to collaborate with Ojos Locos. Seth Schorr added that Ojos Locos was a vibrant and growing brand that has established itself as a national leader in providing amazing hospitality experiences to the Latino Community.

What makes both the brands a great team is the expertise of Ojos Locos and the 15-year record of producing successful events by Fifth Street Gaming. Both brands excel at catering to the Latino community by integrating dining, gaming, and entertainment ventures centered around it.

Researchers have flagged that there is a need to address the issue of problem gambling among the Latino community. The New York Council of Problem Gambling has recommended special interventions like providing material related to problem gambling in Spanish to mitigate the risk of the habit.

Not providing such material could be considered a huge oversight. Fifth Street Gaming has 15-years of experience running casinos at seven different locations, namely Silver Nugget Casino and Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino.

Diners in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas are already familiar with the brand and the quality that it serves. Ojos Locos first opened in Dallas in 2010, and it now operates in more than 22 locations across the neighboring states.

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