Konami Gaming Introduces a New Feature In Slot Machines

Anyone who has tried their luck at the slot machines will tell you that leaving your favorite machine could mean someone could swoop in and take it over. If you want to visit the bathroom or even to go get another roll of quarters, people often worry that their place will be usurped by the time they return.

This usually reduces one’s chances of scoring the jackpot, particularly in coin dropper machines. In the past, one could prop a chair against the machine to signal that the machine is still being used. Alternatively, one could ask an honest-looking neighboring player to keep an eye on their machine or even ask an attendant to watch over their machine. 

With the introduction of a new feature by Konami Gaming in slot machines, these worries will fade into a thing of the past. The gaming company has announced that the new feature was designed to solve this problem. Players can now “lock” their slot machine for a short period until they return using this feature.

Konami Gaming’s new feature is known as LuckLock. It involves the use of player tracking software that works on the gaming company’s SYNKROS system. Currently, the new feature is being put to use in the billion-dollar technology-oriented casino, Resorts World Las Vegas. To avail of the feature, players must have a membership of the Resorts World loyalty program. 

The loyalty program, Genting Rewards, requires players to be actively using their players’ cards. To lock the slot machine, players simply have to activate LuckBox that is displayed on their screen. Players can then cash out and remove their cards. A message will appear on the screen showing that the machine is locked. This allows players to lock their machines for five minutes while they leave. 

If players are unable to return in five minutes, the machine automatically unlocks and is available for use by other players. Resorts World is still in the initial launch phase of LuckLock and is still gathering feedback. However, Zachary White, Director of the loyalty program, has stated that the public’s response to the new feature is promising. 

The feature works based on the tier level of the members’ loyalty program. Entry-level members of the loyalty program can avail themselves of the LuckLock feature for five minutes. Players who possess membership at higher levels of the loyalty program can lock the machines for up to 30 minutes.

Joseph Watkins is an avid gambler and also contributes the in-depth & most recent Las Vegas casino news stories. He joins as a news-editor recently with almost two years of experience in sports news writing.

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