Monmouth County woman wins $1.7M poker jackpot, Tips $77K

The winner, a “longstanding customer” of the Caesars Entertainment-operated casino, reportedly gave her dealers a whopping $77,000 recently, as reported by

With a five-figure tip, dealers can win 4.6% of the pot. Meanwhile, the winner has a cushion of 33,629,060% on her $5 capital investment, allowing her to comfortably buy holiday presents for her loved ones.

This year, there have been numerous large jackpots won. The Atlantic City jackpot of $1.7 million was substantial, but this year has seen no shortage of multimillion-dollar wins.

The biggest bad beat payment in US live poker history occurred in August at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, where West Virginian Benjamin Flanagan was able to take home the $1.2 million bad beat jackpot.

A player at Canadian Playground Poker Club won a record-breaking $2.2 million jackpot in June.

It was Ibai Delgado on GGPoker who walked away with the lion’s share of 366,159 dollars from the hugest Omaha Jackpot in January, totaling $593,177.

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