The Nevada Gambling Commission has changed its regulations to compel the state to create and maintain an internet gaming self-exclusion list. The NGC approved amendments to Regulation 5A, which oversees online gambling, earlier this month.

The NGCB and the NGC have been considering the potential of extending Nevada’s online gaming activities and eliminating the in-person registration requirement for poker and sports betting, but there has been no formal announcement that iGaming will be implemented.

Adding one’s name to the newly generated “self-exclusion” prevents a user from accessing internet-based interactive games. Because the legislation does not apply to land-based gambling, anyone on the self-exclusion list can continue to play casino games in person without running afoul of the law. The player who seeks to be excluded must complete and submit a request to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Once a player is added to the self-exclusion list, their information is shared with all online gambling providers in the state, and they are no longer allowed to play casino or poker games on any of the state’s websites.

The iGaming self-exclusion list only bans people who have submitted their names to the list from accessing internet sites. It would not prevent that person from visiting a land-based casino and gaming there.

For the time being, the self-exclusion iGaming list will focus on online poker. Nevada now restricts internet gambling to peer-to-peer poker games in which individuals from Nevada, as well as New Jersey and Delaware, participate. The technical specifics of the online gambling self-exclusion mechanism are now being completed.

The Nevada Gaming Commission’s decision to adopt a self-exclusion list for online gaming sites comes as the state considers whether additional kinds of iGaming should be legalized.

According to the NGCB, the conference will also consider whether Nevada should abandon its present requirement that sports bettors open their mobile wagering accounts in person.

After the Nevada Legislature’s 2021 session ends later this month, the Control Board, which the NGC monitors, will host the discussion.

Those who have self-excluded from iGaming can recover access to interactive gambling by filling out a form seeking removal. However, this can only happen once the individual has been self-excluded for at least 30 days.

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