Win Big in Monday’s Daily Tournament Event at Borgata Poker

Each player can experience the thrill of great cards, fortunate seats, and high hands in the Borgata Poker Room. Play a round of Hold’Em, Stud, Omaha, or any other poker variation.

Having received MGM Rewards Points for playing poker is currently undergoing a temporary change. Poker winnings made at the Borgata Poker Room won’t be automatically added to your MGM Rewards account. When your activity is over, go to the gaming area’s shift supervisor podium to get your MGM Rewards Points incorporated into your profile.


  • 11 AM to 12 AM on Sunday through Thursday – Every 30 minutes, $200!
  • 11 AM -12 AM on Friday and Saturday – Starting and concluding with a power of 60-minutes of $500 every 20 minutes, $250 every 30 minutes!

Rules and Regulations:- 

1. The platform will make daily deals with the Borgata High Hand promotion.

2. Users can participate in the Borgata High Hand promotion when they play at specified Bad Beat Jackpot eligible tables.

3. The regulations outlined in the Bad Beat Jackpot laws and regulations will be used to ascertain which hands are qualified. Aces Full is the minimum qualifying hand.

4. To build the perfect 5-card poker hand, participants must use both the hole cards. All relevant match rules are followed.

5. The winner sum as outlined will be equally split between those that have been dealt the hands when two (or more) preliminary or successive exactly equal high hands are dealt and continue to stay undefeated in any assigned intermission.

6. If the first qualifying hand is not dealt in any intermission, the lotto will advance to the following intermission (i.e., a $250 jackpot will increase to a $500 jackpot, so on and so forth).

7. If a power hour’s ultimate interval passes with no first qualifying hand being dealt, the lotto will advance into 1st interval of a regular hour (a $500 lotto will change to a $750 jackpot, and vice-versa).

8. If no preliminary qualifying hand is dealt during the final intermission of the evening, the grand prize will be awarded instantly and right away to the very first qualifying hand dealt. The qualifying hand should be dealt with within an hour of when the promotion is supposed to end.

9. Prizes will be given out right after the intermission. The prize money must be claimed well before the close of the promotional day if a player is unavailable, failing which the money will be returned to the Bad Beat Jackpot contingency fund.

10. All federal and state taxes are the winners’ responsibility, and they must present a legitimate ID. Winners must be MGM Rewards subscribers.

11. By participating in Borgata’s High Hand, victors agree that their image rights may be used for promotional reasons without further payment.

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